Innovative remote health monitoring for the elderly

User-friendly system for clinics and patients to constantly monitor vital signs and react in time, so older adults truly live their lives to the full

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We help the elderly to say 'not yet' to CVD

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death among the elderly. Although remedies have been available for a long time, treatment often starts too late due to an outdated approach.

Infrequent monitoring of vitals using awkward instruments, no regular feedback between one medical visit and the next and low adherence to therapy. Healthcare providers still face a shortage of physicians and a lack of data to predict patient deterioration. Even implementing remote patient monitoring has failed to solve the problem.

Let's turn this situation around.

Meet NotYet

An innovative approach that combines modern technology and medical accuracy. NotYet provides essential support for doctors to respond rapidly when needed while letting the elderly take control of their health without disrupting their lifestyles. It takes healthcare and responsiveness to the next level.

NotYet is an RPM solution for clinics that consists of three key elements

  • Wristband

    A wristband that continuously measures all the indicators needed to accurately interpret the patient's condition.

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  • Mobile app

    A mobile app with a simple interface and real-time feedback that sends the data to the cloud and then to the clinical platform.

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  • Platform

    Digital dash-boards and statistics that allows the physician to thoroughly and simultaneously monitor large numbers of patients.

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An elegant device for continuous multi-parameter monitoring. It provides complete data and doesn't interfere with active lifestyle.

  • Full range of measurements

    NotYet monitors the most frequent health risks among the elderly by constantly measuring and correlating vital signs: heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, ECG, skin temperature and blood oxygen. It also tracks activity, steps and sleep, and detects falls.

  • Highly accurate

    All the sensors we use are highly precise, most notably the auscultatory method for measuring blood pressure, ensuring accuracy even in elderly people with problematic blood vessels.

  • Real-time, everywhere

    Unlike the most commonly used medical measurement devices, NotYet tracks and transfers vitals to the platform in real-time. Elderly people can continue to travel, do sport and visit their loved ones while measurements are taken wherever they are and without disrupting their daily routine.

Mobile app

The NotYet app sends data to the platform while giving seniors control over their health and engaging them in its management.

  • Related interface

    A simple, intuitive interface ensures usability even for people with impaired vision and fine motor skills. The app focuses on crucial components and clearly sets out the data, making the information easier to take in.

  • Tracking measurements and conditions

    The app gives real-time feedback and recommendations. It also includes a smart preventive SOS function which alerts caregivers and medical personnel when there's an emergency.

  • Precautions, reminders and gamification

    A conversational dialogue mode is at the heart of our interaction design. It increases involvement and collects data for more accurate interpretation. NotYet helps keep track of prescriptions, medication taken and scheduling of measurements.


A unified cloud platform eases clinic staff's workload and reacts by providing prompt alerts when needed.

Patient dashboard

Why NotYet is a better solution

We are proud to have developed a solution that both patients and physicians want to use.

  • Advantages
    for patients:

    • NotYet focuses on the needs and characteristics of the elderly, considering both user experience and measurement methods.
    • NotYet gives real-time feedback and helps the elderly take control over their health.
    • NotYet provides a range of measurements while supporting elderly people's lifestyles, replacing a large set of measuring devices that limit mobility and disrupt their daily routine.
  • Advantages
    for healthcare providers:

    • NotYet increases medical staff use and involves physicians when needed.
    • NotYet facilitates a preventive response to health complications, thereby reducing hospitalization and other treatment costs.
    • NotYet increases patient satisfaction and engagement.
  • We love what we do

    Our solution truly inspires us. We see a huge need for it, even among our friends and relatives. We want to provide them with tools that let them take control of their health, so they can confidently say 'Not yet!', which goes hand in hand with enabling them to live a full and enriching life. All of this has led to the founding of this startup.

  • The NotYet company is registered in Delaware. We are currently developing the project with the founders' original investment and aim to attract more. We expect to launch our product on the US market in the near future.

  • Lena Dobrokhotova

    Founder, CEO, Marketing and Product

    Over 20 years of experience in marketing, business development, and product.

    Former CMO of Yandex Core Services (Russia's largest IT ecosystem).

    Former Head of Growth and Head of BU at CityMobil (Uber's Russian competitor).

    MBA from London Metropolitan University.

  • Ramil Teregulov

    Co-founder, CTO (Hard & Software)

    10 years of experience in developing IoT solutions, wearable devices and medical equipment.

    Co-founder of Mircod (, a platform to automate the development of IoT devices and services.

  • Vladimir Zeldets

    Co-founder, Head of Medical Research

    Senior Physician, Director of Quality Service, Emergency Department at Soroka University Medical Center, Israel.

    Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

    Member of the Israel Cardiology Society and Israeli Association of Emergency Medicine.

  • Polina Molodtsova

    Co-founder, Medical Research

    Biotechnology, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

    Medical Science, First Moscow State Medical University.